About Shashira






A witch who love the art of life, passion in the art industry to more than 10 years.

I love handmade, handmade with love.

Family elders operating a traditional hand craft Origami business and parents are involved in the batik tailoring business. I fall in love with the handmade art since childhood, and now I also step in the Batik field to helping my parents and enjoy the creation art of Batik. Along the Batik knowledge, I also study the history of natural dyed culture, understand the natural materials available surrounding us is the most natural dyes, although less chemical stains to made it colorful color, Natural dye is more environmental protection, natural color and more basic.

Even i might no talent to inherit the tailoring skills of my parents, but I had inspired by their handmade skills since my childhood. In recent years, I started to approach spiritual art therapy, such as the weaving mandala, dream catcher, flower of life and hand-painted mandala to healing and understanding of emotional, these helps me to have positive thoughts of life.

Recent I even study – embroidery. which found that the effect of healing is also very good. In fact, regardless of any way to achieve a inner peace situation, just let yourself live in a grounding real life, with the joy of mood, it would be an easy day for daily life.


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