Llama/Alpaca Wool Felting and Hand Embroidery Tutorial
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【FREE Embroidery Pattern】Llama/Alpaca Wool Felting and Hand Embroidery Tutorial

Hello everyone ,

I love this animal , whatever they called it llama or alpaca. So I’m going to share Llama/Alpaca Wool Felting and Hand Embroidery Tutorial with all of you. It just looks so overwhelming adorable for me lol I found out a fun facts from the internet.

Llama are related to the camel, and are the oldest domesticated animal in the world. I just let my cute fluffy fella carry a basket of beautiful flowers. Another fact is Llamas are not the same species as their smaller, fluffier cousin the alpaca. (what?!) Alright, back to the track.

I am giveaway this cute fella’s pattern, feel free to download from the link below. If you going to do it in your style, I am glad to see it so add my FB/IG whatever you feel comfortable lol

Timetable :
0:32 – Wool Felting Llama Head
1:55 – Wool Felting Llama Body
5:19 – Wool Felting Llama Feet
6:10 – Sewing Llama Eyes
6:37 – Sewing Llama Nose and Mouth
7:17 – Sewing Llama Necklace
8:05 – Woven Stitch (White Basket)

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►Download the composition PDF file here:

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