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Hydrangea Flowers / French Knot [Free Pattern]

Today, sharing with you how to use a french knot to make 3D hydrangea flowers. The idea is using wool felting to make it thicker.
If you can’t use wool felting so maybe you can use wool fabric or any fabric material to sew a little ball to make it thicker would be fine too.

Hand Embroidery Ideas: Hydrangea Flowers / French Knot [Free Pattern]

▼Pattern Free Download:

This tutorial included the embroidery technique below:

►French Knot (Hydrangea Flowers) [in this video]

►Couching Stitch (Glass Bottle) [in this video]

►Fish Bone Stitch (Leaves) :

►Back Stitch:

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Step by step to embroidery hydrangea flowers French Knot

Time needed: 30 minutes.

The Process of hand embroidery 3D hydrangea flowers with french knot

  1. To make it looks pop up in your hoop art, needed to stuff some cotton balls or punch some wool.

  2. After done the wool on fabric, pull up 6 strands threads with any colours you like wrap needle 2 rounds shown as photo.

  3. This is how It looks like, try to stitch it close together.

  4. Stitch as many DFK to fill up the hydrangea flowers, if possible can cover up with french knot too. Just to makes it looks solid and 3D by using the same tones colours or any colours you like to makes it looks pretty.

I embroidery 3 different tones colours of hydrangea flowers. Side view of it looks 3D effects. You can change to any colours you like, it would turn out beautiful too. It does not look like real hydrangea flowers, but this is how I design it and sketch it by myself. Provided free pattern, if you like it please feel free to download it and practice. You can send me or tag me at Instagram or Facebook account too. I would like to see how you turn it out.

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