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    How to DIY Tassel Using Leftover Threads

    Hi Everyone, Today i’m gonna share with you a small and useful tips on making tassel. We always left a lot of short thread during the embroidery work, Most of us just throw them away, but today i gonna share with you an idea to use the leftover threads to make a lovely and beautiful tassel. Hope you enjoy the video. Feel free to subscribe my channel for more new tutorial video. If you are intresting to learn basic embroidery tutorial, please click on link below. Thanks for watching. You may also like the following embroidery tutorial. 1. Back Stitch https://youtu.be/CxZkiY4Rrfw 2. Woven Spider Web https://youtu.be/U0P-MhQlShY 3. Perfect Font https://youtu.be/xirunOWxgBQ