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    Hedgehog Wool Felting and Hand Embroidery Tutorial

    Today I going sharing my hedgehog mix media embroidery artwork. I love to watch hedgehog videos, they are so adorable. Just that they needed to eat worms, and it’s like a main food source for them… And I’m still afraid of worms so I just pull back myself not to have one. So I embroidery one for myself lol I had so much fun working on this cute lil fella, just like I used to have it in my life. https://youtu.be/m7vty1fKyjk Feel free to subscribe my channel for more new videos. Thanks for watching.

  • Bee in the Garden - Hand Embroidery Simple & Easy Tutorial
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    【FREE Embroidery Pattern】Bee in the Garden – Hand Embroidery Simple & Easy Tutorial

    Hello everyone , Today I’m sharing my free hand embroidery pattern !! I’ve been planning this for while. Well, I design this simple and lovely embroidery design pattern for beginner who have no ideas where and how to start. I started my embroidery journey It’s really helping me a lot to calm my emo mood most of the time. Letting me not to over thinking on negative way, so I hope It could helping more people 🙂 As this is my 1st video for this sharing concept, not the good one. But I will improve it and more to come. Let me know what you think ? Please feel free…

  • Woven Spider Web Roses 编制式玫瑰花 - Shashira Handmaker | Embroidery Tutorial | 刺绣教程
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    Woven Spider Web Roses 编制式玫瑰花

    Hi Everyone, today i’m sharing the method how to sew a rose with Woven Spider Web Roses technique.Just a 2 minutes video with simple 4 step: 1. draw a circle by using coin as guide2. Use back stich to sew 5 stiches from center.3. needle come out from center point, then go through 1,3,5,2,4,1…repeatedly 1,3,5,2,4,1,3,5,2,4… until filled the circle.4. Tie double knot to complete the rose. Feel free to subscribe my channel for more new tutorial video.Thanks for watching.