DIY Hand Embroidery Floral Brooch
Embroidery 刺绣,  Tutorial 教程

DIY Hand Embroidery Floral Brooch

Hi, I’m here to sharing the DIY hand embroidery Floral Brooch. It’s simple and lovely, this design could be pillow/needle pillow or even on a shirt. I’m using felt fabric this time, at 10:44 running stitch to put it together and stuff some leftover felt fabric and yarn instead of throwing away. If you don’t have a habit keep leftover felt fabric or yarn, you can use cotton balls something could make it fluffy and good to hold on your hands is fine. The purpose is to make it look a bit fluffy and good to hold. At 11:50 I’m using the blanket stitch to sew the border because I need to make single crochet at 13:30.

DIY hand embroidery Floral Brooch

If you have better stitch or crochet technique, please share with me. By the way, another rose stitch which is popular stitch , It’s Woven Spider Web Roses. Though, It quite suitable for embroidery on a brooch too. Only need to take good care when you want to wash it like gently rub it with soaps in your hands instead of put it in the washing machine or like wearing it carefully, because these Woven Spider Web Roses threads is a bit loose than this stitch I sharing on DIY hand embroidery Floral Brooch. Its kinda easy hook on sharp things like zipping, bracelet or even your long nails? So my recommendation is pin in on shirt is better than on bag for this woven spider web roses technique design.

DIY Hand Embroidery Floral Brooch that I made, width and length both is 5.4cm. I pin it on my shirt. It still a ready stock at my witchy store, If you interest to adopt it please email me I can arrange worldwide shipping and we can have transaction thru Paypal.

This earring is sold out in my witchy store. Just to show you I’m using the same technique as I share my DIY Hand Embroidery Floral Brooch. Only in purple and pink gradient colours looks so whimsical, right? lol

Hope you enjoy my video.

Stitches Technique used in this video:

Back Stitch :

French Knot :

Fishbone Stitch :

Billion Knot :

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