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Hand Embroidery – Ribbon Lazy Daisy Stitch for Beginners [Free Pattern]

Hi, today sharing a bouquet embroidery design mixed with Ribbon Lazy Daisy Stitch for Beginners. For this stitch, you may change the ribbon to 6 string threads would turn out great too. Trying light colours design. Tell me what you think, comment on below. And I’m doing a special offer for all my embroidery hoop art at my Etsy magick store, I’m offering 10% off & free worldwide shipping. Or please check out the link below.

Hand Embroidery – Ribbon Lazy Daisy Stitch for Beginners [Free Pattern]

▼Pattern Free Download: http://bit.ly/2FD0MQJ

Embroidery Stitch Technique using in this video:

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Lazy daisy stitch flower

This white daisy flower is embroidery by the same stitch, with white 6 strands threads. It’s fun to embroidery daisy flower with the same stitch name. It is Joy Flower Wreath Embroidery Hoop Art also available at Etsy magick store.

Lazy daisy stitch - leaves

The LD stitch can be stitch leaves, example like the La Vie En Rose Embroidery Hoop Wall Art Decor. Those light greens colours leave is stitch by this stitch too, I love how it turned out. Please check out 【FREE Embroidery Pattern】Bee in the Garden – Hand Embroidery Simple & Easy Tutorial, the flower wreath arrangement have LD stitch for the fern leafs design. Free Pattern download over there, practice and makes perfect.

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