Bee in the Garden - Hand Embroidery Simple & Easy Tutorial
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【FREE Embroidery Pattern】Bee in the Garden – Hand Embroidery Simple & Easy Tutorial

Hello everyone ,

Today I’m sharing my free hand embroidery pattern !! I’ve been planning this for while.
Well, I design this simple and lovely embroidery design pattern for beginner who have no ideas where and how to start.
I started my embroidery journey It’s really helping me a lot to calm my emo mood most of the time. Letting me not to over thinking on negative way, so I hope It could helping more people 🙂
As this is my 1st video for this sharing concept, not the good one. But I will improve it and more to come.
Let me know what you think ?
Please feel free to go to my website to download this embroidery design pattern to start your embroidery journey. Enjoy ~

Timetable :
0:18 Lazy Daisy Stitch and Back Stitch – Fern Leafs
4:33 Woven Spider Web – Roses
10:46 French Knot Stitch – Roses Pistil
12:36 Fishbone Stitch – Leafs
18:50 Back Stitch – Lavender Stem
19:50 Thron Stitch – Lavender Flowers
21:39 Back Stitch – Bee

Here is some embroidery tips, about my roses I used 2 similar color tones to woven it up. For me the colors looks more rich, I like how it turn out.
I didn’t mark the color code here, because I though you could design color by yourself. Maybe It turn out more beautiful than mine 🙂

►Download the composition PDF file here:

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Thanks for watching.

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